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Arbors, Shaft Extenders, Bushings and Couplers

Bushings increase the shaft diameter to allow you to use your motor or drive shaft for different applications

Used to mount on the motor shaft, extending the length of the attaching surface.

Round Shaft Arbor

Arbor for Shaft size 1/2" Dia x 2" L extended 
for shaft diameter - 1/2"
Dimensions:  3/4" OD x 3-1/4" L Wt. 3.2 ozs.


Qty Arbor-1/2"-R Price:$12.60 each

Flatted Shaft Arbor

Arbor for Shaft size 5/8" Dia x 2" L extended 
for shaft diameter - 5/8"
Dimensions:  3/4" OD x 3-7/8" L Wt. 5.5 ozs.
Qty Arbor-5/8"-4F Price:$17.50 each

Tapered Shaft

Arbor for Shaft size tapered down from 1/2" Dia x 3" L extended 
for shaft diameter - 1/2"
Dimensions:  3/4" OD x 4" L Wt. 3.2 ozs.
Thread Rotation CW clockwise facing shaft will be shipped if not otherwise stated.
Qty Arbor-1/2"-T Price:$16.00 each 

Flexible Coupler

Flexible Shaft Coupler
size Reduction down from 1/2" D x 7/16" D

Dimensions:  1-3/4" OD x 2-1/4" L Wt. 2 ozs.
Set Screw Mounted on both shafts

Qty Flexible Coupler Price:$23.00 each 



split bushing
Split Bushing


Solid Bushing


Set Screw Bushing


Flanged Bushing

bushing mechanical bushing mechanical
Qty  Split Bushing A3/16" B5/16" C1-7/16": $4.97each
Qty  Split Bushing A1/4" B5/16" C1": $4.97each
Qty  Split Bushing A5/16" B3/8" C1": $4.97each
Qty  Split Bushingt A3/8" B1/2" C1-1/2": $5.97each
Qty  Split Bushing A1/2" B5/8" C1-1/2": $6.13each
Qty  Hole & Split Bushing A1/2" B5/8" C5/8": $7.43each
Qty  Split Bushing A5/8" B3/4" C1-1/4": $8.55each
Qty  Split Bushing A7/8" B1" C1-3/16": $13.97each

/ Non-Rusting
Qty  Split Bushing A3/16" B1/4" C9/16": $4.00each
Qty  Split BushingA1/4" B3/8" C1/2": $5.97each
Qty Fanged vinyl insert A3/8" B1/2" C3/16" D5/8":$8.47each

/ Non-Rusting
Qty  Solid Bushing A1/2" B5/8" C1-1/8": $7.47each
Qty  Solid Bushing A5/8" B7/8" C1-1/4": $7.97each
Qty  Solid Bushing A3/4" B1" C1-1/16": $8.19each
Qty  Solid Bushing A1-1/4" B1-9/16" C1-9/16": $50.19ea
Qty  Solid BushingA1-1/4" B1-5/8" C2": $66.97each
Qty  Solid BushingA1-1/2" B1-3/4" C2-15/16": $81.60ea

BRONZE / Non-Rusting
Qty Flanged Bushing A1/4" B5/16" C1/4" D1/2": $9.47ea
Qty Flanged Bushing A5/16" B7/16" C3/4" D5/8":$9.47ea
Qty  Flanged Bushing A3/8" B1/2" C3/16" D5/8": $9.47ea
Qty  Flanged Bushing A3/8" B9/16" C5/8" D1": $9.47ea
Qty  Flanged Bushing A1/2" B5/8" C1/4" D1": $11.00ea
Qty Flanged Bushing A1/2" B5/8" C1/2" D15/16":$11.00ea
Qty  Flanged Bushing A1/2" B3/4" C1-3/16" D1":$11.00ea
Qty  Flanged Bushing A5/8" B3/4" C1" D1": $12.50ea
Qty  Flanged Bushing A3/4" B7/8" C1" D1-1/8": $13.25ea

/ Non-Rusting
Qty  Hole Bushing A1/2" B5/8" C5/8": $9.27each

Beltspulleys ball-bearings

While Stocks Last. Subject to Prior Sale. Some of our inventory is overrun and/or surplus material being closed out.
The stock being offered is discontinued will not be replenished after depleted from inventory.

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